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Dino's Fortnite review


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Menu: The menu is very clean and looks nice.Its easy to find navigate through it and find whatever options you need. 10/10

Aimbot: The aimbot is very good and accurate, although with a sniper it never hits long rage but thats only due to travel time and bullet drop im pretty sure. and when you have no recoil or no spread on, your fucking indestructible :)! 9.5/10

ESP: In my opinion the esp is great and looks clean. It dosent clutter your screen up at all really and dosent ever lag either. 10/10

Radar: The radar is perfect. It does what it needs to do and i use i all the time! 10/10

Performance: Personally for me nothing with this cheat makes me lag. Maybe the fps will go down a few with esp but that is probably inevitable. 10/10


Definitely recommend this cheat!

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