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Fortnite - My Unbiased Review


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Menu 10/10 - The menu has a really nice and clean look to it. It's easily navigateable and has a nice layout. Everything is laid out at the bottom in a tool bar fashion with easy to recognise buttons labelled for all of the features, each with their seperate menus (which can be dragged around the screen for your preference).

Aimbot 8/10 - The aimbot is extremely powerful and has so many features that lets you customize it to your play style. You can make it into a ragebot by cranking up the FOV, or make it legit by turning down the FOV. The aimbot can be changed to focus targets based on their health, distance or the FOV setting. You can also change which bone you want to lock onto (Head, Chest, Stomach or all at once) as well as being able to switch targets. You can also enable VisCheck (Visibility Check) so the aimlock does not snap to players behind cover. One great feature is that you can change the aim key bind for more legitimate play (Such as Alt to use sparingly or Left Mouse to use as more of a legit aim assist than a plain aimlock).

ESP/Visuals 8.5/10 - The ESP is very well laid out and neat. It's really amazing and you can change the colour settings on every part of it such as PlayerVisible, PlayerBehindCover, Loot Colour etc. The ESP recently got updated to add Loot ESP which is the most convenient and useful feature so far! This allows you to pick your drop point much easier to prioritise guaranteeing you get a gun on your drop. You can show players, loot and more.

Misc 10/10 - No spread & No recoil - No recoil and no spread make the aimbot even more unstoppable than without them. These make your fire rate and shooting mechanics a lot more overpowered because it removes the two most important checks from the weapons when firing normally and makes your shot 200% more deadly especially if you are a ragehacker.

Radar 10/10 - Nothing more I can mention about the radar other than it does its job very well. If you want to play without ESP, you can simply use a legitimate aim assist setting on the aimbot and use the radar to get a semi-accurate reading of the enemies location without looking too illegitimate whilst playing. Really simple, shows enemies and team mates.

Security 8/10 - So far, I had two accounts banned. However, one was using a public cheat so it didn't count. But after a system change, IP change and reg clean, I did get one ban so far whilst exclusively just using Black Sector (will update if anymore happen) so I'm not sure. It has decent security and did manage to play for a day or two before that ban. I was also using semi legit settings which was strange. However, on my current account I seem to be fine (so far!). Decent security and most users haven't been banned or affected so far!

Overall rating 9/10 - Overall I'd give the cheat a 9/10. It has some really nice features and it's great. It doesn't impact performance much at all and has everything you need.

Recommendations (Features to Add): Airdrop ESP, Golden Chest ESP, Stream-Proof Mode (Confirmed they won't add this :().

Thanks for the great product and continue with the nice regular updates guys!

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