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updated fps improvement guide


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Hello people,

this is a repost because i had to remove the editing game files part because you get banned now for editing game files to get better fps. so dont do it! i know there are alot fps improvement videos on youtube already. i still want to show you my settings and what i did to improve my fps in pubg. 

My System: 

Intel Core i5 6600k @4.5 ghz

Msi z170a gaming pro carbon

Gigabyte gtx 1070 oc

1. Ingame Settings

Lets start with the ingame settings. i like to use a mixture of high and low settings to get good fps but still have a clear vision. These are my settings from top to bottom.

Screen Scale: 100% (dont use higher setting then this)

Anti - Aliasing: ultra (you can also use very low but dont use low, medium, high because it makes the game look blurry) 

Post - Processing: very low (important)

Shadows: very low (important)

Textures: medium - high (own preference)

Effects: verly low (important)

Foliage: very low (important)

View Distance: low - very low (important) 

Motion Blur, Vsync: OFF (important) 

2. Nvidia Settings

Next step is to change the nvidia settings in the control panel. Right click desktop -> Nvidia system control -> Manage 3d settings 




3. Launch options 

Suprise! there are no launch options to improve the performance in pubg. it got patched. so just leave it like it is.

4. Overclock your cpu/gpu !!use this at your own risk!!

for me the biggest improvement was by overclocking my cpu to 4.5 ghz. you can also overclock your gpu a little bit but this is not going to improve fps a lot, maybe 5 fps. Overclocking the cpu is nothing crazy or hard to do with the newest mainboards out there. 


5. high performance mode 



With these settings and changes im getting stable 120 - 144 fps most of the time only drops down to like 80 fps in citys. i hope this helps some people out to improve the fps in pubg. As i said the biggest fps improvement for me was to overlcock my cpu. 


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I think one can't edit old posts.

Also, there is a thing called google translate if you really want to copy his settings.


Edit: I have a really good PC, so the guide is definetly not for me :) but I am sure that it will help others around here. 

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  • Staff
1 minute ago, xM0nster said:

I think one can't edit old posts.

Also, there is a thing called google translate if you really want to copy his settings.

Yea i realized u can only edit posts in the first 10 minutes or so, but google translate is just further work; quite annoying.

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