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I'm PUBG noob,Please advise.


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I assume that you asked for advise on how to get better at the game (with or without the cheat).

I would advise you, just to play the game whenever you can. Like everything in real life, you have to practice a lot to get good at it.

So here are a few good tips and tricks for beginners:

  1. Don't spend too much time looting, if you are new to the game. This will get you killed by the circle most of the time.
  2. Don't parachute to a place where no one else goes, because that way you will waste too much time and you won't engage in gunfights.
  3. Don't be a coward and hide when you hear gunfire. Run towards it instead. Engage in fights whenever you can to improve your aim & survivability. (You'll die often, but it will pay off)
  4. Watch the zone and always try to outskirt it while you are looking for a good position, like a ridge or dip. Once you have found a good position, stay there and wait for the late running enemys to come towards you.
  5. Be patient. Don't start shooting unless you are sure that you can hit and take out your target.
  6. Don't panic if you are being shot at. In fact you will hear 2 different sounds If a enemy player is shooting at you. Since all weapons (except the VSS) are super sonic, you will hear the bullet whizzing past you, before you hear the actual gunshot. The 2nd sound is the players gunshot and therefore leads to the correct direction.



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On 2017/9/7 at 3:54 AM, xM0nster said:




  1. 不要花太多時間搶劫,如果你是新來的遊戲。這將使你在大多數時間被你殺死。
  2. 不要降落到沒有別人去的地方,因為這樣你會浪費太多的時間,你不會進行槍戰。
  3. 當你聽到槍聲時,不要是懦弱的人。反而轉向。每當你能改善你的目標和生存能力時,都會參與戰鬥。(你會經常死,但會償還)
  4. 看著這個區域,總是試圖在郊外找到一個很好的位置,比如山脊或陡坡。一旦你找到了一個好的位置,留在那裡等待晚期的敵人來到你身邊。
  5. 耐心一點。不要開始拍攝,除非您確定可以打出並取出目標。
  6. 如果你被槍殺,不要驚慌。其實你會聽到兩個不同的聲音如果敵人的球員正在射擊你。由於所有的武器(VSS除外)都是超聲波的,所以在聽到實際的槍傷之前,你將會聽到彈彈的聲音。第二個聲音是玩家的槍聲,因此導致正確的方向。



The opinion is very use.

suggestion, it had helped me a lot.:D

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