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If you're banned in PUBG, all of your accounts along with your HWID, will get banned. So don't bother buying a new copy unless you're planning to buy a new HDD/SDD + resetting your windows

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4 hours ago, fifakkang said:

What happens to the ban?

So, i've been looking around.

Some people are saying PUBG does hwid bans (or should i say battleeye)


some other people say they've been banned before, but are using the same computer to play without ban (10+ hours)


So, if you want to take the safe route:

switch HWID 

maybe even use a VPN

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In H1Z1 King of the Kill, after 3 bans your IP get's banned and you need to use a VPN. This has the same anti-cheat but I'm not sure if the bans work the same. The person who told me this information is on youtube with over 6.5k and is known for hacking on H1Z1 and making people report him on reddit. Therefor, I can confirm this is true because he get's banned over and over again. But as I said, I'm not completely sure about PubG.

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Just now, LYJ said:

HWID ban is bullshit.

Im banned for cheating and im still playing, just change steam account and you' r fine.

But if they catch cheating again, you will get IP ban.


No they ''can'' HWID ban you, not always.
Everyone: im gonna make my PUBG ban guide soon to, same as my Rust guide. (BANS)

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The best method I've seen so far is as follows:

Requirements: $30

- Buy PUBG on steam via PayPal

- request a refund through steam 

- wait 10 minutes

- play PUBG for under 2 hrs to guarantee a refund

- Receive your refund

- create new steam account

- repeat


This is the safest method if your extremely cautious about getting banned

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