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  1. My pubg account expired while it was frozen and I have been waiting quite a while for this to be resolved. Will it ever be resolved? How come no official word on this as I can see that this has happened to quite a few people. When problems have came up in the past it seemed that I was treated quite fairly but not so much this time. All I am asking is that my account not be expired with the two days I lost be reinstated. I got no problem buying more products in the future but I need to know I am being treated fairly. If I am not getting my time back that I paid for just tell me and I will chalk
  2. I would feel better if an admin says this.
  3. my time got expired on pause about a month ago. I check in to see if it is fixed but no luck. Im not buying another thing until I get compensated for my lost time so don't hold your breath. I don't think anybody would spend more money when they are owed something and cant even get an explanation.
  4. Part of my sub is missing also I think I should get what I paid for.
  5. same here and cant get an answer with what's going on.
  6. I went to unfreeze my pubg account today and it says its expired. It should have had a couple of days left on it. A response one way or the other would be appreciated.
  7. Im having the same problem I would like my time restored please.
  8. same thing happened to me I would like to know whats going on
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