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PUBG has been updated! The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. AleksBlack

    Как стать trusted member`om?

    Нужно заслужить доверие у администрации данного проекта. К примеру быть активным на форуме ну и тому подобное...
  2. AleksBlack

    Для русских

    Переводчик в помощь)!
  3. AleksBlack

    получение инвайта

    Скорее всего нет)
  4. AleksBlack

    Giveaway RUST gift

    +rep Hope to win).Good luck to everyone!
  5. AleksBlack

    получение инвайта

    Возможно.Но это не точно)
  6. AleksBlack

    Функционал Рояла

    Вот это поворот).Походу жестко подлагнуло).Ни че,бывает)
  7. AleksBlack

    Newcomers interested in RUST hack

    Hope so many, including me) . Good luck to you!
  8. AleksBlack

    rust hack not for sale?

    This cheat for sale, but for trusted people, that is for a more active and verified. They could be anyone, just need to be smart and show their best side.Good luck!
  9. AleksBlack

    Newcomers interested in RUST hack

    Very good cheat, I would say beast, as such the market is very little and very much appreciated. This is one of those cheats that I sunk deep in the soul, and I immediately began to sympathize with its convenient menu control Chita and indeed its interface and ease of use. In General I will not write much, but I can say that the Resellers here cheat tested and the best of its kind.And I, like probably many users of this forum want this cheat. Good luck to everyone!

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