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  1. Not a Hoppel fanboy lol, We've talked and played together but I hardly fan boy over him xD I normally like to cause arguments with him and make fun of his accent.
  2. Once your HWID banned its permanent. I’ve contacted several staff from EAC & finally got a reply. I also you to talk to Hoppel if anyone knows who he is and he had contacts within FacePunch who told him information on bans which he’s passed on to me. A spoofer or a new computer is what is needed sadly...
  3. The GPDR says you can’t hold information that isn’t relevant. HWID bans are relevant as it keeps hackers out of the game so this is untrue and false.
  4. Ohhh, I never even knew this ahhh. Thanks for telling me bud!
  5. Will this be a paid program? I assume it is but It be at least worth an ask!
  6. I've been banned from Rust since around January 2018. I've never seen a working HWID spoofer and don't know if there is even such thing to bypass a ban on EAC Rust system but I'd like to ask if anyone has had any luck with one? I've heard one of the admins on this forum is creating one but I'm not too sure as I'm new here. Thanks!
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