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    The csgo cheat.

    Please don't get mad over my opinion, I'm just a honest person and I'll let you know if I don't like something. - The ESP - I myself don't really use it that often because if you don't use it properly it's gonna look very blatant on ow, but otherwise it's very easy to use and good for people who just started cheating. 9/10 - The Triggerbot - Really easy to use, looks legit. That's everything I need to say. 10/10 - The Aimbot - Looks really legit when used correctly, but it's fairly hard to understand what the settings do when you're new to cheating. 8.5/10 - The skin changer - It's good, but again, when I bought the cheat I had a hard time with it because of the capital letters and skin names (for an example, there are like 7 asiimov skins and you can't really understand which skin goes for which gun) and also it doesn't have gloves, which I'd love to see. 8/10 In conclusion the csgo cheat is fantastic players who are trying to get a small advantage over others players and I would give it a solid 8.5/10 Also you can have fun with my legit config, 10h+ gameplay with the config and still no ban. It's also good for a foundation: ultra legit.dat :* - onu1
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