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Complete CS:GO Review


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Aimbot Perfect for legit as long as used with PSilent. For all guns from the AK-47 to the XM1014 The option to enable or disable for certian guns, set it to still target them while they are jumping, through the smoke. Also being able to target specific parts of the body and being able to set the priority for them also

Customizable Field of View, Smotheness and Max along with a Recoil control system. You can also bind it to any key you want.


Trigger Bot Also bindable to a specific key and you're able to change the Duration of it the pauses inbetween and the Delay of it. Works for any and all guns It too has specific hitboxes


Misc   Bunny Hop Auto Pistol Show Ranks and Auto Accept 


ESP You are able to enable or disable, show ally on ESP, the Name of a player, the Distance, In-Game Radar, Weapons. Health, Health Bar, Skeleton, and Hitboxes. You also have Charms and 2D Boxes (Choice to enable and outline.)  

Weapon ESP Able to Enable or Disable along with the name and Distance of the weapon also a 2D Box for them. You're also able to choose for Primary Secondary Grenade and Defuse Kit.

Grenade ESP Choose to Enable or Disable the Name Distance Trajectory along with Filters for Smoke Grenade Flashbang HE Grenade Decoy and Molotov 2D Boxes for these also.

C4 ESP Enable or Disable the State of it and Distance, Explode Timer and Defuse Timer 2D Boxes for this aswell

Radar You have the coords Point name and Point Outline along with Point Size and Range


Crosshairs You have a choice between 10 of them


Color Manager  You can make your own personalized color for any item in the game from a player to the planted C4


Skin Changer For EVERY SINGLE WEAPON It's crazy. You can choose the quality of it also. Theres no confusing skinchanger menu. You just have to know the Skin Name. It has every single one (Except for the Souvenir AWP Dragonlore)


Bind Manager  Toggle Aimbot, Toggle PSilent, Toggle Triggerbot, Toggle Player ESP, Toggle Weapon ESP, Toggle Grenade ESP, Toggle C4 ESP, Toggle ESP Sound, Toggle Radar, Toggle Panic Key, and Toggle Menu Key


Settings. You can Load Save Delete and Create your own configs. You can name them too.


Over all I give this amazing CS:GO cheat 10/10 I have had no problems what so ever. It is a fantastic cheat. I reccomend buying whenever possible. It's one of the best Legit cheats out there one of the cleanest too. 12 £ is very cheap for such a good quality cheat.

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