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CS:GO BlackSector review and video.


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My video: 

My YT channel

I´ve been using BlackSector for 48h and so far I think its a very good and cheap cheat for its features. 

Menu - 10/10

The menu is sick on this cheat. Because I like when you have different windows with the different categories with Aimbot, ESP and triggerbot e.t.c. And you can change stuff at the same time without backing out of the catergorie.

Configs - 9/10

I think the config section is very good because of the weapon config feature and that its fairly easy to make your own configs when you get the hang of it. It´s also good that you can share your config with people and find the best one for legit (rage if you want) 

Aimbot - 10/10

The aimbot on this cheat is only made for legit, but  you can still rage with it because of the 180 FOV and the fast "Snapping". And for legit the aimbot is very good because there is so many things you can change for example keep target and the speed of the aimbot.

ESP - 10/10 

The ESP is working very good for me just one downside is that they should add that you can change the position of the name esp and health esp, for example on the top of the enemy and on the right side e.t.c. One thing I love with this cheat is that its stream proof. So you can stream meanwhile youre cheating and they dont know.

Triggerbot - 10/10

I think the triggerbot is very good except that they should add more hitboxes like: Arm and foot. Other than that its very good.

Misc - 7/10

The current misc is good but they should add more stuff for example: Auto strafe, edge jump (auto jump at edges), fake lag and change the theme on the look of the map (dark mode e.t.c) 

RCS - 7/10 

The RCS is good but I dont like when you can change the yaw and the pitch because that makes it alot harder to set up the rcs so its legit and still good. But otherwise its good when you have a good rcs settings.

Skinchanger - 9/10 I have never had any problems with the skin changer, the only thing that should get fixed/added is glove changer. One thing that I like with this skin changer is that you can change the float and the seed so you can get that spicy case hardened.


Solution - 9/10 

I give this cheat a 9/10 because its very legit cheat with alot of features but just some things to add to make it the dream cheat.

If I would recommend the cheat?

Yes 100% and if you dont have the money for the whole version I would recommend the aimbot version of the cheat.

*Disclaimer* This is the first time I am review a cheat, so I am sorry if its bad :(

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Just now, Nemada said:

nice Vid but check 0:50 :D maybe slower smooth or a lower FOV :) and try to play without wallhack it feels better. rgds

It´s nothing wrong with the FOV or the smoothness, its just the DEMO, its 32 tick + everything in GOTV looks either more obvious than normal or more legit. Check out this video: 

it doesnt look as obvious on that one. And it can also be my global skills that can effect the gameplay a bit ;) 

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13 minutes ago, Friedolin said:

Have a Question @SandeN: How you not getting banned when playing with massive of Cheats on YT and showing TAB sometimes?... just wondering

are u asking why u dont get banned from youtube or banned from csgo.

1. youtube doesnt care if you cheat.

2. Because people rarely care/give a shit about people cheating in videos, they just keyboard warrior it out in the comments. No one goes and reports them when the videos is out, since its a waste of time and money.

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