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CSGO Full review


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Aimbot 18/20:

Very customization and really smooth. I like that the weapon config is just one config, instead of 30 different configs.

Sexy slider, I also very much enjoy the Swap Target feature as it is really helpful in spray downs

But would like to add some other features like:

  • Standalone RCS
  • Recoil visual remover
  • auto wall
  • hitmarker


ESP 9/10

Well made, can be very customization

A few more suggestions:

  • No sky
  • No hands
  • Viewmodel FOV
  • Game FOV
  • Glow


Skinchanger 10/10:

The weapons can be changed to any skin. And the seed id is nice aswell


MISC 9/10:

The misc tab, I feel, is missing a few features like:

  • Auto strafe
  • Maybe Namestealer
  • ClanTag changer
  • Chat spam
  • Airstuck?


Overall: 69/71

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