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i almost died last friday.....


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You never learn to realize how valuable life is until you come into a life threatening situation


On friday june 16, I almost died because of an idiot driver that was in front of me ....

I was on my way to the bank to cash my paycheck and then the guy in front of me pulled out in front of a giant dump truck. The front end of the dump truck hit him and sent the dump truck flying and the tail of the dump truck hit me and sent my car flying into the ditch. If i didn't have my t tops off, i would be dead right now...... 


I got very lucky and i'm only on crutches, but it could've been way worse...

I just wanted to share my experience to warn you to watch out for drivers that are turning left in front of a dump truck that's going 55 mph



The aftermath (looks way worse in person):



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