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pubg equilibrium , conclusions


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hi mods and members, this thread is about play styles in pubg that are NOT try hard rage mode.

 i've not played pubg since february, and upon reflection my favorite aspect was having confrontations in voice chat with teammates or enemies. the confidence to negotiate like a lunatic with a weapon makes for some hilarious role playing. maybe it takes a bit of maturity to understand that you are deceiving yourself when the game says "you won" but you played silently, without teammates, like a sociopath. not only did this concept fail to open any general discussion, but i was confronted by one of the chinese sociopath children ex-members (he has since been banned for reasons unknown to me, probably violated forum rules again) in an all out text-battle in defense of rage style, and seemingly had criticism of alternate play styles on his mind, but lacked basic eloquence or manner to say anything meaningful.  

disclaimer: if you think that rage mode is the best, and i am a fool for bringing up an alternative, i remind you there is no compulsion to respond. last time i tried a thread like this a small child stole my +16 comment karma by attacking unrelated threads with silent downvotes.


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