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[Suggestion] Require ID for invites


Should RH require an ID for an invite?  

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  1. 1. Should RH require an ID for an invite?

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I don't know how popular this idea is, but I think that you guys should require an ID to receive an invite to insure that EAC moles don't get in and to discourage leakers. Considering that a security update is coming soon I think this would be nice to make sure the hacks stay undetected. I also think to be fair, members like myself who already have paid should be required to send in an ID before renewing their subscription. If the admins like this idea, I would be one of the first to send in my ID. 

Just my two cents, its a good thing to think about, although I understand a lot of members may enjoy their privacy and think this is too intrusive. I would love to hear opinions on this.


EDIT: Well, how02 voted no on the poll, so I guess this will never happen...

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Personally I'm against it.

We would have to dox our customers to confirm that they aren't working for an anticheat company. This would take a huge amount of time for nothing because it's extremely easy to go around it, either by asking a friend, or using a false ID. We also have to consider people who resell their account, even if we catch some of them, we don't do it instantly so they damage would have already been done.

Not only that but it would be admitting that we can't protect our product  from detection and have to go this way, which is obviously not true.

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Meanwhile this probably would make the hack a little harder to be detected I still disagree since people like me who don't have a drivers license etc wouldn't be able to get the hack since they don't have id.


And not saying it would happen but if blacksector ever somehow had it's db leaked with peoples ids that could be a problem.

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