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Do you play solo only?  

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  1. 1. Solo or Team-play?

    • Yes
    • Depends on the game
    • No
    • Never thought about it

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Not sure how many of you are playing solo for the fun of solo, I would like to play to win with some other "(PEs) performance enhancement users." I'm speaking of MM; any number is excellent, of course, a full team would be helpful for many reasons.

I've got above average skill in FPS games getting back into CS with GO and planning to play to learn it right (minus some PE)
I'm open to sorting it privately by Comp Ranks or whatever you're willing to play/carry. I don't think playing with a GE would make sense for me unless they are teacher types and want to make chill convo/friends.

Before you begin, what happens in BlackSector stays in BS: Private/Friends ONLY privacy levels need to be set up to protect each other from possible links/proof.

  1. CME - Play with GN1-4s currently, willing to play with anyone high or low ranking while teaching and learning from one another.


Post in this thread or PM me I have notifications :)

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How to Disable Your Public Profile
In the Steam desktop app, move the mouse cursor over your profile name tab—it should be directly to the right of “Community.” In the dropdown menu, click “Profile.”

On this page, click “Edit Profile” in the upper right corner, then click “My Privacy Settings.”

From here you can select three options for Steam profile. They’re pretty self-explanatory on the page, giving options for total privacy or access only to your Steam friends. If you want absolutely no one to see your games, comments, or inventory on the public web, select “Private” for all three. Scroll down and click “Save changes.”

Now when you or anyone else opens your Steam profile on the web, they’ll see the following message.

What Do You Lose With a Private Profile?
Even when your profile is private, you can still send and receive friend invites within the Steam social system and even trade items. However, the hub for your personal sharing, including badges, screenshots and videos, game reviews, guides, and other uploaded content, won’t be accessible to other users unless you add them as friends (and not even then if you selected “Private” instead of “Friends only.”

Also, third-party tools that use public information for Steam, like sites that calculates the value of your game collection or inventory, won’t be able to access that information on your profile.

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