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Code Lock Hack ?


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Hello all,

First, i just want to tell i know nothing about how to code hacks etc, so i guess that will be a noob question...

But i was just wondering if a Code Lock Hack was something possible to do in a rust hack ? or it's very complicated  ? (it's not a suggestion for the BlackSector dev's, just a question) DansGame

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It is no longer possible.

Last year, you could send thousands of codes per seconds. To counter that, every incorrect attempt would do 5hp damages to your player. It didn't fix the problem because the server didn't check if you were still alive, so even if you were dead you could keep spamming codes to unlock a door. This has been properly patched and unfortunately I am not aware of any bypass for that.

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ok, thx for your answer How02 !! ;)

I was just thinking when a player create a code for his door, this code was saved in a file or something ^^

Not a bad idea Paniic, but a way to long i think :/

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1 hour ago, UnstucK said:

That would require shitload of syringe, its actually bruteforcing the codelock :D 

That would require 20.000HP, which equals to approx 666 syringe (evil).

Is it possible lets say on a battlefield or modded server where you can easily get that many syringes?. Like if you use speed hack to quick heal.

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