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Rust bans, banning alt accounts. Fix?


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Have anyone ever been banned on Rust using BSS and having their alts banned along with it? I know the "Status" is not "Undetected", but does anyone know a way to fix or help prevent it? Currently I've gotten 2 alts banned on different occasions using spoofer, vpn etc. Example ; I was playing legit on an account, restart computer, run spoofer, cheat etc, Play and then get banned, along with a ban on the account I wasn't cheating on.

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1)  Delete folder - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata - It is used to ban you !

2) Delete the following folder -  C:\Windows.old

3) Delete the following FILE - C:\Windows\System32\restore\MachineGuid.txt

4) Change IP. 

5) Restart PC and spoof again.

Might help!

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no its not any of that.........you have to deactivate your windows key and you have to use a vol id changer to change the vol ids on all your SSD or HDDs .  How02 is working on implementing that into the spoofer but for now that is how you get around being banned on alts.

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