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The problem with the Spoofer please help

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Здравствуйте, администрация, я плачу спуфер скачал в верхней части сайта ПОГРУЗЧИК, но он дает ошибку


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Inveni 2 modus solutio, sed non auxilium :joint: 


This error has been affecting many people, often after using the HWID Spoofer. Usually the first solution is enough but please try the second solution if the problem persists.

  1. First Solution
    1. Open Task Manager, go to Services
    2. Open Services
    3. Right click on "Windows Management Instrumentation, select Properties
    4. Change Startup type from Disabled to Automatic
    5. Press Apply
    6. Press Start
    7. You're done, just press OK
  2. Second Solution
    1. Open the command prompt as administrator (cmd.exe)
    2. Run the commands below
    3. net stop winmgmt
      winmgmt /resetrepository
      winmgmt /verifyrepository

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1 minute ago, fargus said:

тебе помогло?


Не мне это не помогло раз 5 или 6 делал и в ручную и через CMD

Not for me it didn't help just 5 or 6 were done manually and through CMD


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1 hour ago, fmr5210123 said:

去商店购买重置   HWID Reset    如果有了 就不用买了 重启电脑 或者重新下载登录器 在登陆你的帐号 


No, this is a separate problem. The solution is in this post:


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