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Aimbot Improved


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I have to say that the aimbot improvements is really good after your update. Before the aimbot was not on point with headshots especially with snipers, but now it is really really good, I can easily land a perfect headshot even with quick scope, outstanding job on correcting the issues and with all the good and quick response and support. We can see that you have a good staff.

I would suggest Blacksector to anyone, I Have tried a few cheat sites, and service is very poor, keep up the good work. Just waiting for the next pay check to purchase it again LOL.

Good Work!

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23 hours ago, how02 said:

It's enabled by default, with the values of 1/1.

After update zeroing isn't working with hack on, just shows 0m instead 100m and changing it blindly doesn't work either, it will still shoot 100m zeroing with 300m zeroing blindly, fix please. In game without hack on zeroing works just fine.

Edit. I saw a post where u said its done on purpose, meh, As some1 who likes shooting with a bolt action with zeroing without relying on aimbot, this is bad =(

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