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I have 9 euros on this site


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I have 9euros on this site... but I dont have csgo.....


I was wondering if i could withdraw this money, and use it to buy  csgo, then invest in the cheat at a later date. 

if not, I will wait patiently till I can save up enough money to buy csgo.

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I wouldn't recommend doing a charge back - There are normally fees involved for the seller and generally gets you banned from other Communities.

Maybe @UnstucK or @how02 could chime in but the Frequently asked questions regarding refunds states;




Can I be refunded ?

  • We only refund IF the hack is not working on your system, after investigation (we actually log the behaviour of our software on your system, see next point for more informations)


I don't know your exact situation so its hard to say, one of those two will be able to give you an answer though.

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