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I used many hacks in my life but none of them were as easy to use as this one!



The cheat has absolutely blown me away with the detail put in it and it's, easy to navigate! You can be very specific with the parts you want to attack in the aimbot, distance, skeletons, e.t.c. Easy to inject and makes the game actually playable. Hack is super simple to use and doesn't require much IQ.



I'm very happy there is no lag in the esp. Everything what you Need is there!



I've never had to contact support for anything since the cheat gives me no problems :P


(im playing since 2 days, no ban)




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On 4/2/2019 at 8:26 PM, Quagmire said:


is the Risk that this hack will get detected fast high? i want to buy and use it but i dont wanna get banned :(

It's hard to say, given that there are no guarantees, but I believe blacksector is a pretty good bet in regards to detection rates. Just remember not to cheat on an account that you can't afford to lose; get an alternate instead of playing on your main.

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