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What is your best cheating accomplishment?


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Back in the day, I was a staff member at Zlitz when vuno was the coder. It’s been a long time since then, and pretty sure they are gone now. 

After speaking and becoming good friends with the developer, we started working on a private build of a CSGO Cheat, that would be for leagues. We figured a way to side-load the cheat into the drivers of a mouse, that would automatically load on any PC the mouse was plugged into. To activate the cheat ingame, you would hold F9 and type a set character string. Once this was done the cheat would load. No ESP as this was for LAN, but aim assist, and sound radar.

Each round, you would have to Hold F9 and double click the mouse button to reactivate the cheat. The cheat would automatically hide after each death Incase you were suspected while at a LAN. It would also hide if the match was paused. 

We won plenty of LANs with this setup. Of course having years of CS under my belt, it was a lot easier to hide just because of game knowledge. Profited about $5400 just from local LANs. 


Does anyone else else have some awesome cheat stories?

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Doesn't really compete with the scale of competing in tournaments, but it can feel pretty good to know which walls to blow through in rust when doing tactical solo raids on some of the big and infamous clans (we're talking 20-30 people) whenever they go to sleep in a pile of endgame loot - also, haunting big groups from where they live to their every step can also be a lot of fun.

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