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CS:GO Cheat review [FULL]


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Aimbot and Triggerbot

Aimbot: Easy to configure and use, a little bit of a pain adding every preset by hand (unless I'm missing something) and would recommend a generalization tab for all weapons or categories like some other providers. The options for the cheat though are very nice, the infamous Psilent worked perfectly, showing no snapping, as well as the humanizing aim option which helped me to not get called out for cheating as I play rage-legit. I suggest playing on low-fow and a moderate smoothing setting to not get overwatched/called out by other players.

Triggerbot: Easy to configure and use, but again a little bit of a pain adding every preset by hand aforementioned but works perfectly. Combining this feature with aimbot proves to be very effective against skilled players in high ranks. Again, I also like the customizability every weapon

Configuration for these features were very straightforward and anyone who would had no previous hack experience could probably maneuver the GUI without problems. 

FPS was actually surprisingly good, I was expecting lag on certain parts of the game but I was amazed at how much the cheat had but how little I lagged. Nice job on the optimization.


Esp was a real treat, it had all the options I was looking for from corner boxes to flat chams (which I adore). It has a plethora of options to choose which makes the experience long-lasting and fun to mess around with. Fov drawing was a cool feature, it also helped with planning where my crosshair would need to go once the enemy peeked me so I could blow his brains out. Cross-hair options were also a neat little side-feature that I enjoyed. Radar I didn't pay much attention to but I now realize that I could have pulled off some sick ninja defuses in competitive with it.  


Skin changer was easy to use but since I don't know a lot of skins that go with guns, I changed my knife to a dragon lore by accident but there are some sick skin combinations you can use with the knives that look BEAUTIFUL. But anyways, good feature overall. Bunny-hop, auto-accept, show ranks, and auto-pistol were expected to work like usual and I was not disappointed.


Aimbot - 9.5 / 10 Simple and Effective, Easy to use overall good job on this. Also I forgot to mention that it didn't lower my fps when I locked on to people with hitscan (on all body parts) like SOME cheats I used to use but still was tedious to create presets for each weapon.

ESP - 10/10  Simple and reliable, does NOT malfunction for no reason and cause you to die. Again, easy to configure and easy to config.

Misc - 9/10 Lacks a couple of other options that other p2c providers provide but did the job. Cool options though.

To conclude, great job on the cheat, I had a good experience with it, no stutters, frame-drops or lag using this all features worked flawlessly. I recommend this cheat to Legit/Closet cheaters but not HvHers Nice job thanks @how02

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