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My story of how I met a friend through blacksector solutions


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It was the force wipe of May, on the server Australia 1.

I initially started playing solo, when a couple of friends messaged me to play, so of course I bagged them in. It was within hours of playing when we noticed that some strange things were happening around us, heli's taken down within seconds, complaints in chat about the korean hackers; yet we had neither seen nor heard from our soon to be antagonists.

That is until we grouped outside for a roam and suddenly, all three of use were triple headshot. I was angry of course, so I took to twitter, tweeting to the developers about 'Hell KOREA.'


By this point, our group had reached their breaking point, as we couldn't simply farm without getting aimbotted, so they all got off and began to play PUBG. But not me, I was determined to overcome this hacker. So I took an hours break and came back, it was nighttime when I set out on an ak roam, when suddenly mid roam; two arrows flew out of nowhere and dinked me. I was confused but I turned around and sprayed the perpetrator down.

Long behold, it was Hell KOREA. He began to plead in chat to pick him up because he was a cheater, as I said I had reached my witts end at this point. So I picked him up, and dropped my AK to him, and suprisingly he was loyal to me. We roamed together for a while and ended up eventually adding each other on discord. I let him into my base, and all was well. It must have felt foreign to him being in an English speaking group and only speaking korean, but i guess with blacksector solutions you don't exactly need crystal clear communications.

We ended up being good friends, when his account got banned I spent money and bought him a new one, and he returned the favour by screensharing his view of blacksector solutions to let us know where players were.





Just thought I would share my story of how I stumbled across your community and made a korean friend in the process. Here's a video I made of Hell KOREA in action.


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lol,experienced something familiar..well i was on pixie and our clan used to give away 1 day before wipe etc, then one day i gave allot of stuff to a guy. Then the next wipe this guy started to pm me, wanted to join Our clan etc. After 2-3 wipes he joined.  He allways come back With 3-4 gear sets, allot of sulf etc. xD After a litle while we figured he was cheating tho, even he said he didnt. After some bans he said he was and we didnt realy care. We had a blast and became friends. Then i joined here and had so much fun With the rust hack, the funniest thing we did was to make some asian hacker rage hack on us xD It was hillarious

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