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So I was in the market of some Rust Cheats and came across these 2, I like to do my research before sending anyone money online and someone noted that they're attempting to resell your cheat as their own. So I confronted them about it and this happened; https://imgur.com/a/KdWPTjP

This is their discord - Bustedxxx#6301



and thanks to these 2 I ended up here, so thanks to them for at least that haha!

If I'm in any violation of the ToS for posting this I apologize and feel free to remove this post

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30 minutes ago, heymayne said:

Daddyshome#9562  was actually the one show casing the cheat via screenshare so if anything he's the one with the BlackSector account.

If you would like to show me more proof and link Daddyshome#9562 blacksec account Send me a PM

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