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  1. Cheats for the Battlefield games would be amazing
  2. heymayne


    Just wanted to know a few questions before subbing to the PUBG cheat. 1) I'm currently subbed to the CSGO cheat, and i'll say its phenomenal, everything as promised and after playing for a few months I'm almost certain that it's undetectable. So my question being is, how undetectable is the PUBG cheat compared to the CSGO? I know they're completely different games with different anti-cheats and mechanics, but when was the last ban, if any? 2) Spoofer- I've never used one, nor quite honestly don't even know what it does.. Do I need to use it or I should be relatively good without it? Thanks in advance, and I apologize for asking such doltish questions.
  3. Daddyshome#9562 was actually the one show casing the cheat via screenshare so if anything he's the one with the BlackSector account.
  4. North Korean barber, I be giving Kim Jong Un his fire ass cuts
  5. cheating just makes it that much more fun hearing try hards holding back their tears while you shit on their day
  6. Dope review! Makes me want it that much more ..
  7. So I was in the market of some Rust Cheats and came across these 2, I like to do my research before sending anyone money online and someone noted that they're attempting to resell your cheat as their own. So I confronted them about it and this happened; https://imgur.com/a/KdWPTjP This is their discord - Bustedxxx#6301 Daddyshome#9562 and thanks to these 2 I ended up here, so thanks to them for at least that haha! If I'm in any violation of the ToS for posting this I apologize and feel free to remove this post
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