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Question about Rust cheat


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Not trying to advertise this cheat just wondering whether or not it’s safe


A few buddies of mine started using ArtificialAiming and said I should try it. Now I’ve only been cheating in Rust for a little less than a year and most of the cheats I’ve come across are inv only. Of course, I would love to try out BSS just from seeing Trembo use it in his channel and the clean look that it had(but ya know applications are closed so big rip). But seeing that currently AA is the only public cheat out there, I’m skeptical due to it being public and reading a lot of mixed reviews. My question is this: Would you recommend I use AA or wait until I can apply for an invite to BSS?

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Just now, Alexx525 said:

I think this is up to you, BSS is really great cheat but if you don't have cheats and you really want to cheat then just use AA till applications will be opened. If you will come daily, help people, be friendly in shoutbox i'm sure your chances will be only bigger to get Rust Cheat.

Good point, I’ll start being more active 

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Bro, just wait for BSS to re-open for application and just enjoy it. I have tried so many other hacks and I believe this is the best one even though I haven't tried yet. 

I got banned so many times because of using public hacks and i am really done of it.

If you really do not mind getting banned and cleaning up your PC again everytime you get banned, just wait for this and I am sure you won't regret it.



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