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Rust Zerg Clan


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Seems like a lot of people on here play and enjoy Rust.

So i figured we could all get to know each other a bit better and have some fun while doing it FeelsGoodMan


Me and a bunch of others have a clan on a few 5x servers, max limit is 6. usually are 3-4 online at all times

We all have kits for basebuilding, and mainly focus on raiding and pvp for the next of the wipe. 

If we gather enough people, (round 6-8 active players) we could consider playing official vanilla servers aswell 

But as of right now, we'll stick with the 5x.


I don't demand much for requirements, but here are some:

*Would prefer if you had atleast 400 hours on Rust

*Live in Europe, cause of the timedifference

*Got a mic and discord


If this is something your interested in, PM me and we can discuss this further :)

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