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How to buy cheapest steam game such as H1z1,pubg,Rainbow 6 and etc


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You must have to make an invoices via visa/debit/credit card

*** This method can be work with any game on steam such as H1z1,Rainbow 6,Rust ***


1. http://www.vpngate.net/en/download.aspx



2. After you installed free VPN please follow instruction below



3. Log in your steam account that you want to buy a game on steam and update store region

Store Region Setting


4. Set it to which region would you like to purchase with the best deal check prices here :
Click the link to check which region have the best price
Pubg : https://steamdb.info/app/578080/
H1z1 : https://steamdb.info/app/433850/
Rust : https://steamdb.info/app/252490/
Rainbow 6 : https://steamdb.info/app/359550/

5. Now you can buy the games in very cheap price directly from steam store



Rainbow 6 Siege Season Pass Trick : Purchase the season pass through Steam. Launch game and receive all items etc. Go to steam support and refund recent purchases and refund Year 3 Season pass. (Then after wait a week you will have your money back INCLUDING all items you received from the Year 3 Season Pass) (Worked for me with Season 2 not promising that you will receive items but refund is 100%)

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You don't need to use that 1 VPN you can use ANY VPN!

Also remember that to DOWNLOAD the game first if you do not have the game installed with the VPN on or else you will not be able to download the game if you do not have the game installed. (sadly because if you have like Russian IP lmao good luck waiting 3 hours for pubg to download)

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