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CSGO "Legit" ESP Review


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I bought the CSGO ESP a few days ago and just finished the placements. My main was Gold Nova 4 (GN4) but I managed to get this one placed Legendary Eagle (LE)! I've played about 20 games so far (18-2) and I've only had two people accuse me of walling. The ESP has everything you'd ever need and offers near extreme customization. Fantastic work as always. 10/10

I'll post an update in a few days as far as my rank and how easy I've found it to avoid being OW'd.


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1 hour ago, Denied said:

LE Placed.... Pretty good

Whatever settings you got keep it up-

Might wanna tone it down as you go up in rank, players are a lot more aware

I heard that you get sent to Overwatch if you get reported a certain amount of times in a certain time frame (there was some controversy on the exact numbers) but I'm going to look into it. Worst case, I'll switch in between accounts every day.

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