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CSGO Review - How far can I get?


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Everything on the cheat is 10/10, very simple as expected, and works without any flaws.

Going to stick with just abusing the ESP and probably wont be using the aimbot, works perfectly fine. Lets see how far I can get with being a "pro" awper :P.

So far won 4/4 games as the top or second-top fragger, and if the game ever got rather close, I'd just go a bit more ham with being blatant.

Will be making a video soon ANELE

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9 hours ago, Penguin100 said:

Good luck! What rank are you playing at?

Thanks :) was GN Master or something like that when I had played a while ago, but after a game or two I was put in GN1. Do you rank up faster if you're on a winstreak?

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