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Black Sector Solutions CS:GO Cheat Review


The injection process is very smooth and takes a matter of seconds, just simply open the loader, select the cheat you want and simply inject!


I experienced no problems with the ESP. It has multiple options including 2D Boxs, Chams, Skeleton Esp, Bomb ESP and many more. The ESP doesn't lag at all and doesn't flicker like most other cheats. You can also set whether you want your esp to just for enemys or for allys.


The aimbot is very smooth, better than most of the other providers. The aimbot can be very sus at times but it depends on the setting you use. It has a very in-depth selection menu including all guns, here you can choose the fov or whether you want silent aim.


Personally, i believe that if you are going to legit hack the triggerbot is a very bad thing to use, depending on the settings it is VERY sus. One of the most popular configs has trigger bot and i didn't realize. I went into a casual game to test it out and i was prefiring everyone. The triggerbot can be set to have a later delay time so that it doesn't shoot straight away. However, this is very good for rage hacking.


This includes bunnyhop, auto-accept, Show ranks and auto pistol. This is very useful.

Skin Changer:10/10

The skin changer has no problems at all. It changes every skin smoothly with no lag at all.


This is were you can change your config.


Overall, the cheat is amazing for a legit bot. It has all of the features you need to get started and depending on what config that you use you will most likely not get banned!

Thanks for reading this review.




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