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Hey all, 
I am an English Rust player. I have had a lot of experience in cheating from playing CS:GO, CS:S, HVH and a lot of other games. I have had about 1,500 hours on Rust and think that it's time to start cheating on an alt account to have more fun. Helk has made this game so grindy that you have to be on a wipe all day to get the blueprints and materials for the item you want to make. I have played with hacks on Rust, they were very cheap and got me banned in a day xD. I hope to meet new people in the hacking community and talk to some awesome people! I am here to help people, meet new people, have fun with hacks and make others experience very fun and enjoyable! Thanks for reading my forum post! If you want to talk just message me on steam Wizzylolo.


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Hi, My name is shroud 

I recently got into PUBG 1 year ago I’m a ex csgo pro player I was the best NA until Stewie came. now I’m skinny cunt that’s playing PUBG all day and stream it on twitch where I get at least $1k a day. Life is nice, I have a gold digger girl friend, and my best friend is summit 

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