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CS GO HACK after 1 month Legit Hacking


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Hello Guys,


i want to share my experience with the blacksector CS:GO Hack after 1 month of Legit Hacking.
First of all I reg to the Forum and I pay with Paypal and I got instantly Access to the Hack. No Problems, no waiting.

Then I injected, started CS and set up the Hack. It was very easy, saved my Config and started with MM.

I was on DMG and now iam Supreme. 
After i reached 150 Wins I even got Overwatch Access:).

Visuals 10/10
Very Nice visuals I only use charms.

Aimbot 10/10
Best Legit Aimbot I have ever seen before. Its very smooth and no one of my friends saw that Iam using an Aimbot.
Nice adjustable Aimbot and its very easy.

Misc 10/10
All what you need without useless options

Skin Changer 10/10
It works perfect without any bugs. 

Overall 10/10
Iam very happy with the CS GO Hack. If you want to play legit and don't want to loose your Accounts blacksector is your choice.

If anyone need help or need a good legit Config you are welcome to PN me.


Thanks to the blacksector team





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