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CSGO Review


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Hi, i would like to start off by saying without cheats I'm a high rank, but i do enjoy playing cs with cheats. 

Proof of rank: 

(yes this photo is 2-3 months ago) 

I've tried multiple internal cheats and so far this is one of the best i've tried so far, but in this review i'll go over each part of the cheat. Explaining how it works, but also how this cheat works. 



  • Detection
  • GUI
  • Aimbot
  • Triggerbot
  • Misc
  • ESP
  • Radar
  • Color Management
  • Skinchanger
  • Crosshair selector
  • Bind Manager
  • Settings

- Detection
This hack was first created/released on JUNE, 2017 and has been undetected throughout it's lifetime of 6-7 months. 

- GUI - 10/10
This is one of my favourite things about this cheat, the GUI is simple and easy to use. Literally anyone can use this GUI, i've had no issues with it so far. There are 10 catagories on this GUI bar which the cheats are sorted into which is stated above in the contents.

- Aimbot - 9/10
I've used multiple cheats, external and internal this is one of the best aimbots so far. It can be used to act as a legit aimbot and it allows you to put settings in for each weapon but also for general aimbot settings. But besides legit you can also have some fun with it ;)


This video is a perfect example, tried this out in a custom map with a friend and it was a ton of fun. So this aimbot not only can be used for legit but also semi or full on rage. Just add +right and you have the spinbot too x)

- Aimbot toggling/aimkey aimbot & triggerbot
For this aimbot you can set the key to any button, i have it on mouse button one personally. Other cheats tho which i've used (one external one in mind) only allowed certain keys to be used which of course can limit you. This one doesn't have that issue though. 

- Hitboxes/Bone aimbot & triggerbot 
Some cheats i've previously used wanted me to enter specific bones for the aimbot, such against CT side the head is 2,8 or 7 (one of them lmao) but this configuration is user friendly and has 5 different check boxes. Head, neck, stomach, chest, pelvis. 

This works the same when doing the triggerbot settings as well. 

- RCS (Recoil Control System)
Each weapon in CSGO has a unique spray pattern which you have to learn and replecate each time you spray, with this it does it for you. You can set it for certain settings so it does a certain amount of the spray or does it almost perfect/perfect. Obviously you don't want it perfect, but just good enough BUT there is also an option called "Recoil crosshair" 

- Recoil crosshair
I really like this option since it's applied on each weapon showing the unique spray pattern. In the video below you it's a little blue dot, it is a little hard to see but it's there. 


More than the 30 bullet spray but you can still see it follow through. 

- Triggerbot  - N/A (since i don't use trigger) 
I've used the triggerbot but i usually don't use it in MM, the reason for this is it looks weird on the demos so i just stick to normal aimbot. Similar to aimbot, you can set a triggerbot setting for each gun there is with a trigger key set for each gun as well. 
I wipped these settings up in a sec, and this is the result of it. 


- Misc
This is a small portion so i'll go through each hack in here. 
Auto pistol
Show ranks
Auto Accept


- Bunnyhop
I don't need to stay much, simple and perfectly done. 


- Auto pistol
I absolutly love this, what this does is if you hold down the shoot button. It fires the pistols super fast. I'll show a few different examples: 


-Dual Berettas: https://i.gyazo.com/fc2e3c67e67f4a5050a0ccb5af57c39e.mp4


(It shoots with one gun because infinity ammo is on) 

USP-S: https://i.gyazo.com/1d94703597c63fb7389bebf0ee3be1b1.mp4

Glock: https://i.gyazo.com/d13aa595b30af6e740bd51a3be06e386.mp4


- Show ranks:
This does what the name says, shows the ranks of the players your up against. 



One issue i have with this is it doesn't show when dead.

- Auto accept
Same with this, if you have this enabled it will auto accept any match that comes your way. 

- ESP 10/10
In the ESP section there are 5 catagories these are sorted into:

- Player
So in the player catagory there is an array of settings you can add, some are; Box esp, name, weapon, health/health bar, skeleton, hitboxes. 

Example of a few: 0d2360ceafa74518968d5356c74c7d8a.jpg

You're also able to add charms onto this. With charms you can have it in 3 modes. Flat, textured and xyz. 

Flat: 7a2557d242f747e50aa81a8c44161148.png

This is simple charms with only the colours and not textures. 

Textured: 5dfab2c781c6f22da45818d74394698c.png

With this you can see body textures more clearer. 

XYZ and no XYZ: b10ed64306b1e89c94ff3e1f2efbf5ad.png


XYZ enabled will allow you to see the charmed enemies through the walls, with the distinguised colours. If you have it disabled, the characters will have one set colour for charms. I found out how to do this through the guide below. 

(source: https://blacksector.solutions/topic/78-guide-to-visible-only-esp/)

- Weapon
This is a very cool feature but it isn't used at all by me.  This bascially puts the name, distance or esp box around the weapons which are dropped. You can limit it to specifc things like defused kits, grenades, primary or secondary weapons. 


Without pistols selected:


As you can see it doesn't add esp to the pistols since i deselected that feature. 

- Grenades
In this it add's esp to grenades, it shows ones which are being thrown at you, or ones you or your team mates throw. You can enable specific grenades to only be shown or have them all on. You can also enable the ESP box and a trajectory line which will show where the grenade will hit once thrown. 



- C4
I really like this feature, and it's sad not all hacks include this. Depending on what settings you choose it will, show the distance and state the bomb is currently in. i.e. being carried, or planted or being defused.  There is also a setting to enable a explode and defuse timer. This will show straight away if you can defuse it or not when you try to defuse the bomb and even before that it shows an explode timer which counts down. Along with this you can enable an 2D esp box which will show when someone is carrying the bomb but also when it's planted. 





Being carried:



- Sound
Last but not least, sound. This is a cool thing which i haven't seen in other any clients in this way. Some show a emitting circle from where the player last moved but this shows text under the player through walls and not through walls when they make sound, it can show they're name, their distance away from you. This can be enabled on allys steps too, but you set a durration for this to show on your screen for as well. I like this feature quite a bit but i don't use it in actual MM games, but it's fun to use in customs for sure. 




- Radar 10/10
First this radar can be placed anywhere! literally anywhere on your screen. This is perfect since you can use it to your own personal preference, as i did in my picture i put it next to the actual radar as a comparassion but you can even put it over that radar. 
I also enabled ESP names so you can see how effective the radar is. You can see the radar works well and shows you as the center point of the cross, you can see on the ESP Matt is dirrectly accross and in the radar he is as well. 
I'm giving this a 10/10 because it's simple and effective. You can put it where you want but it's easy to understand in a intense situation.  



- Color Management 9.5/10
This is a very important feature in hack, the reason for this is it controls all colours in the hack. From this you can control 
--CT Visible
--CT Hidden
--T Visible
--T Hidden
--CT Visible (Charms)
--CT Hidden (Charms)
--T Visible (Charms)
--T Hidden (Charms)
--Recoil Crosshair
--Radar Border
--Radar Background
--Crosshair 1
--Crosshair 2

One problem is, with new users it can be hard to find where to change colours, most hacks have it crammed in with the feature but this one has a different layout. 
if i didn't see the thread on the forum on how to change the charms colour, i wouldn't of known how to do it. Sure after a min of not knowning how to i would of searched around the client HUD to find it, and would of found under "charms" 

But i do think this layout is good. It's not crammed into the Visuals tab like other cheats would do and this allows all the other tabs to stay compact while having colours connected to it. 

- Skinchanger 10/10 but 9.5/10
Ok so first off we all know you bought this cheat for only this feature ;)
This is my favourite feature in any hack. I love just messing around with the skins or having a cool knife without wasting money on it and ofc.. having a karambit lore makes you play better. 
One thing i do say which can be improved but it's very minimal is adding a glove skin changer section too. Of course this is very minimal but this will also fully complete the function of this feature. 
One thing to add is, you can set any skin on any weapon, so you can put candy apple which is a MAC-10 skin onto an AK-47. Also what i love is you can have different types of one skin, like you can have a normal looking lore and a fucked up looking one as well. I personally like the look of the messed up lore better but some might like the normal one.  Will show this in the screenshots below. 
As you can see there is a MAC-10 skin on an AK, a M4 skin on a AK and you can put any skin on whatever gun. 

Candy Apple AK-47: 83bd690abff1301389f53cd97c2454f5.png

Fire Serpant AK-47: e1b2699522d4e64981832773321e1e6f.png

Chantico's Fire AK-47: f27d9b295e13f6442e06fe655a781bbf.png

Dragon Lorea AWP: d7833ffcf9a3342ed1f9ec500813bafe.png

Karambit Lore Normal: https://i.gyazo.com/45f7727cc6abeccf146a355bfbfd40f4.mp4

Karambit Lore Messed up: https://i.gyazo.com/810cd75b31b0045f621cfd2547a43b64.mp4


- Crosshair selector
This is a feature i haven't seen in any other hack, i've seen a minimal version of putting a dot in the center of your crosshair in others but not to this extent.

Example of other CSGO hacks with this feature: 

with blacksectors it's more expanded on and there is a different array of crosshairs you can choose from, you're also able to change the corsshair colour in the Color manager. 

Examples of different crosshairs + colors: 




Black crosshair: efcf803a7d8f2673a8fddb0bcef95137.png


White and black crosshair: b414d2891f3c290466533e68bdd47bf3.png


All crosshairs: 2a2313acff01f3cd09f1ee8b98a0ec33.png


- Bind Manager 9.5/10
This is a very cool feature but it's not used much by me. If you like to enable and disable certain hacks then this will be for you, you can enable and disable pretty much everything in this client for example, aimbot, esp for each specific catagory, triggerbot, radar and there is even a panic key which closes the hack. You can even rebind the menu key if you wish!     
The only thing i could say to improve is add "Toggle Charms" bind but this is a very minimal thing as well. 




- Settings 10/10
This is the last feature but one of the most important aswell, what this is it shows all the configs you've saved so far and allows you to save or delete current settings you've created or have saved previosuly.  
From the screenshot below you can see how easy and simple it is to use, you can easily create a config by typing the name of it and clicking "create" but also then loading/saving a curent one. 



- What can be improved/added? 
-- Realtime grenades trajectory when your holding the grenade down to throw. While this includes a trajector after you throw, a realtime one would be a nice addition to it. 
-- Chat spam, phrases which are inbuilt into the client or which users can import in. So in certain situatoins it will say "cyka noobs" "ur bad" "ramzbots owns me" etc. 
--Glove added/changer! 
--Automatic flick hits which the hack does automatically, also can occur when the enemy aims at you. Saw this in another hack recently and it could be interesting to use as a awper (i don't play the awper role) 
-- Custom Clan tag
--FOV changer
--Add Reloading, Flashed to ESP details which can show on an enemy. This would be intresting to see as an addition to the huge amount of ESP features there already is. 
--Add a spectator menu to show who is currently spectating the game
--Show scoreboard when dead
--Autostrafe (I'm not a big fan of it myself but i saw a few of people requesting it)

- Rating overall 10/10
This is one of my favorite cheats because how easy and simple it is to configure it but also how well it works. You also have to add in the detection rate so far is undetected and hopefully stays like that in the near future. 
I am giving it this rating for these reasons and because i think it will continue to improve as well. The coder did a fantastic job for sure and hope to see more updates to this as it lives on. 

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4 minutes ago, ViRTUS said:

Never saw such a detailed review. I have added 1 week extra to your subscription because writing rewies like that take alot of time.

Thanks very much. 

I just wanted to provide the best insight from my experience ^^ Thanks! :D

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