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Rust Review !


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This is the time to do this review because it is the best of all my old hack.

ESP: (10/10) I have nothing to say because it works very well, you can have all the information you need.

Aimbot: (9/10) it's really good, the drop correction is Great! We can shoot players, animals, heli, its very good, and we can really personalize our aimbot, a pity that the silent is not available.

Misc: (10/10) Fast melee really helps! the Debug Camera is really good!, This is the first time I use a hack with a SpeedHack, it's Great, and you will never get kick with it! You can adjust it too, and it helps a lot!
Always Day really helps!
All other Features (No recoil, No Spread, No decor ....) are awesome
pity that the fly hack is no longer possible :(

This hack really deserves to be tested at least once! because it really has everything I need, The community is good, help, share, the administrator, staff, are  good people. I do not speak to everyone but they are really reactive!
Thank you for this Work! :)

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