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Fortnite Review


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Hey, this is my review for Fortnite after 48h usage.

Menu - 10/10

Good design, really clean with the different categories to customize Aimbot, ESP, Radar, ignore target, and color.

Aimbot - 8/10

The aimbot was great but could be improved by adding more features such as projectile prediction for the sniper. Aimbot could set up easily via the menu, wanted to play legit or blatant with it.

ESP - 8/10 

The ESP is working very good for me, no FPS drop. Why 8/10, because of only a few features right now, only 2D, and general info(name, distance, weapon, health, ammo, skeleton), no loot ESP for now, and no PVE support. But current ESP was good enough if you only play PVP.

Radar - 9/10

Works nice, even though it's a bit confusing at the first time setup(that you need to keep settings open when open radar menu).



Cheats 100% recommended purchasing, between money and the features you get, was worth of money to buy. Injecting also easy, and no special instruction to make it works. You could use cheats with VPN too.


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