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I have been using BSS for the past two days, in these few days I believe I was able to see enough and grasp everything I could to create a full review. Although these two days were a little too short for me as I was busy with school and work, it resulted in asking for a 24-hour extension. I was not given this extension in the time of writing this review, I believe if I waited a little longer I am sure I would have been granted it. Now let me start off by saying this cheat is developed by how02 the previous developer of RoyalHack, a very controversial cheat. I myself did not go into much depth and research on this topic but if you wish to, feel free too. There are beliefs of code theft and ratting allegation, do not quote me on it just go look at it for yourself. I believe you are able to find the allegation begin here as the OP posted already.

The cheat seems to be clean as far as I checked although I am not a professional at dissembling programs and finding anything fishy. All my scans were clean, and no detections from my antiviruses. Therefore, I am going to say it is safe.

Design & Usability: 8/10

The menus are all fairly simple, navigating them is a breeze. The design on the boxes and on the task bar is a little bit outdated and boring for today's generation of cheats, it is still definitely by no means bad looking. I was sometimes confused by how the aimbot selection worked as there were certain weapons that are not even listed on the weapons list. I worked around this by just using the General aimbot that worked with what ever weapon was currently selected. I may be not seeing something, but this was definitely confusing to me. Ex: M4A4 is listed but M4A1-S is not, P2000 is listed but USP-S is not. As for purchasing the cheat, at the moment of writing this, the only payment methods are Bitcoin and PayPal. After speaking to staff when purchasing cheats they are automatically activated on the account, unlike some providers where 24-48 hours are needed to have an administrator manually active it on your account. The loader is a small file, quickly downloadable and easy to log in and use with the forum details.


Aimbot: 8.5/10

The aimbot is quite good, I would not say this could be used for rage purposes, but if the settings are set up correctly I am sure you could away with rage hacking. I personally used this with my own legit config that I set up over the course of using this cheat. I would not go as far as saying it is the best aimbot that I have ever used but it is definitely one of the best ones currently on the market. I absolutely loved it when playing with legit settings, the customization of delays, areas, etc is a perfect addition. Overall if you set it up for your play style it will be the best legit aimbot you will ever use, as this was the case for me.

Triggerbot: 7/10

This area feels as it was lacking and just some area the developer wanted to create and just get it over with. The trigger bot would turn on and off whenever it liked and the key binding that I set for it for some reason liked to get stuck and just always be on unless completely turned off. However with that aside when it is working properly it is great, but not the best. The customization of humanizing it was great and adding delays and pauses was a great idea. The reason I gave this a low rating was that of AWPS, it did not have the option of shooting only when scoped resulting and strangely looking no scopes on enemies across the map and shooting through smokes was a completed b*tch and a half. As I had legit settings the option of shooting through smokes is disabled, and with this being said the trigger bot will not shoot unless the smoke is FULLY cleared which made it very irritating when you see the enemy through the smoke without visuals.

Visuals: 9.5/10

Easily the best chams, and wallhacks I have ever used. Nothing else to be said. The only reason I took off one point was that sometimes the distance of how far I could see through walls would not work, but this is not a big deal what so ever as it worked perfectly 99% of the time. Customization of colors was absolutely insane for how much depth was implemented. Could be a little confusing but definitely worth the time and effort if it set up for your liking perfectly. Absolutely love what was done with this feature.

Misc: 10/10

Everything worked flawlessly. Auto pistol, bhop, show ranks, and auto accept. The radar was perfect for the small amount that I used it, personally, I did not use it much only because of my play style. Not much to say here other than adding the option of no flash.


I did not add a rating here as it either works or it doesn't, and in this case, BSS provides a fully working skin changer.

Security: 9/10

It has not been hit by any ban waves (that I am aware of) and hopefully will not be hit. As for the ratting and code theft situation, it is all up to you to research but for me, it passes my security standards. The reason this did not get a perfect score was only due to me feeling no reassurance from BSS that the cheat was undetected other than before injecting. Some type of status page and how they assure you are protected from being banned would be a great and necessary addition.

Support: 9.5/10

The staff and customers are quick to respond, I personally did not need any assistance but from just browsing the forum I was able to figure out plenty. The only reason I did not give this a perfect score is that 24/7 live chat is not provided with a support agent. Rather a community base shoutbox is used to communicate.


One of the best cheats I have used for CSGO, I believe I have found a new go-to provider and a new home at that. The price is unbeatable, and the community is great. The cheat is absolutely solid, with a few kinks that can be easily fixed. If you are looking to play with legit settings, this is a must have. Hopefully adding support to bypass ESEA and FaceIt AC this will be the best cheat on the market if it is not already. BSS is the one and the only provider you should be using. 

PS. I would love a lifetime membership :yeye:

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