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  1. TezzoeR

    [INFO] How to get PUBG cheat.

    but only for trusted user
  2. TezzoeR

    [INFO] How to get PUBG cheat.

    are you not a rich bitch ?
  3. TezzoeR

    [INFO] How to get PUBG cheat.

    I trust the Coder, i can offer the 200 euro but for other users its big money
  4. TezzoeR

    [INFO] How to get PUBG cheat.

    For 200 euro the cheat must be super safe against BE.
  5. TezzoeR

    What is your job?

    Specialist for building cleaning
  6. TezzoeR

    Fortnite Update Video

    They didn't took my content down bec i know, what i can do against them. I give you one tip just look at the Terms of Service of YouTube. "You uploaded only entertainment content" TezzoeR
  7. TezzoeR

    15€ gift card GIVEAWAY

    Nice idea gl @ all
  8. TezzoeR

    Présentation WARLINE

    Real Name: Danny Pseudo : TezzoeRAge : 17 at 23. December > 18Localisation : GermanyLike : Cheat, WeedI don't like : 12y old kids raging in csgo or lol
  9. In this video i raged a little bit with the overpowered revolver. "I NEVER GET CAUGHT BY THE DEVS"
  10. TezzoeR

    Intro for BlackSector

    with the rain this was an idea but if you have an other idea pm me ;D
  11. TezzoeR

    Intro for BlackSector

    Yeah i made it in After Effects and thx
  12. TezzoeR

    Intro for BlackSector

    A little intro for BlackSector Cheats