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  1. i got banned twice in a week for getting 18 kills and 22 kills it was automatic ban because of reports but this ban i got it was not because of high kills nor reports it says for using hacks cheats like wtf
  2. you had same message ???? please give me more info what happend
  3. Hello guys so i got banned like twice this week for getting high kills in pubg but i play legit so i got unbanned in both bans after 24 hours. But now it tells me im banned untill 2019-04-21 for usage of hacks/cheats like they are saying im banned for using cheats like they are sure about it anyone has this ban before and whats gonna happen?
  4. I would like to get it cuz who doesn't want it and for those who say i want cuz im poor i would say fuck off if u were poor u would work to get money and u wouldn't be here on this site if u were poor
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