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  1. Hey atleast you aren't like those guys SCREAMING RUST GLORY HAHA and rage and cry they got banned. Good shit bud. I am still waiting for it since ennui kinda shut down after I bought. I think another cool feature is the eoka no spread.
  2. taserz

    Rust Rage Hacking

    I mean making sure a rust dev or eac doesn't get it. Hypervisor can 100% hide a cheat but the methods of doing so can be tagged for banning
  3. taserz

    Rust Rage Hacking

    Now we all envy you....
  4. Shit I just want a normal invite to the Rust BSS cheat especially now with Ennui closing shop right after I paid for it pretty sure someone got got on their team. But really who would paid 3-5x more that's fucking dumb. I mean I guess if you got money sure but damn.
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