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Different Types Of Account Bans For CS:GO

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VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) Ban:
A VAC ban will be obvious for 2 reasons: if your account receives it, a message on your Steam profile will instantly show up saying: "VAC Ban on record" and when trying to play on secure servers you will see a yellow bar that says: "VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat); This Steam account has been banned from secure servers due to a cheating infraction." So, what does this mean? It means that VAC scanned your computer's memory and found a hack running, meaning the hack you used was [Detected]. This is the ONLY type of ban that means the hack you used on your account is actually [Detected] and it MUST say exactly as above. There is no way to avoid this type of ban except for not hacking by any means.


Permanently Untrusted Ban:
This is probably the most misunderstood type of ban and most often correlated with a VAC ban. A Permanently Untrusted ban will initially require you to log-in on your CS:GO account for it to be noticed. It is NOT a normal VAC ban and normally takes up to 12+hours to show up on your profile as a VAC ban. It isn't a 'true' VAC ban though, however. I will explain further below. For now, just stay knowing that in case your account gets Permanently Untrusted, you will see a red bar in-game that saying: "Global Cooldown; This account is permanently Untrusted".


So, what does this mean? First of all, I want to reiterate the following once again: this is NOT a traditional VAC ban. It turns into a VAC ban on your profile, but is NOT a VAC ban like the first one, shown above. Notice that it says Global Cooldown and is a red bar. A Permanently Untrusted ban is slightly different from a VAC ban and important in knowing why you were banned via hacks. Basically, a Permanently Untrusted ban means that the game was scanning your actions and picked up snapping to specific bones, perfect recoil control, or firing as soon as your crosshair made contact with an enemie's body, (triggerbotting near 0ms delay). This ban has nothing to do with the hack you used on your account being [Detected] or how many times you were reported for hacking. 

It does not come down to scanning your computer's memory and detecting an already [Detected] hack running on it, which is what causes a VAC ban, but to picking up suspicious actions made by you/the player REPEATEDLY. If you do it once, then the system will not flag your account. However, if you do it consistently, it will. This is common when people never toggle off or rage hack in casual/deathmatch maps and is the most likely cause of a ban in casual because people cannot be overwatched in it. The system itself knows you were hacking, but because the hack was not detected by VAC, it is not considered as a VAC ban. However, the system converts it to a VAC ban on your profile to prevent you from playing other Source games. The hack you played with on your account was NOT [Detected], however, your suspicious actions were. This can be avoided by playing with slow AIM hacks, toggling off (mo one knows the exact percentage of the time you have to snap/recoil/trigger to get banned, but less than 75% should be safe), or not using any hacks that affect your aim, recoil, or trigger.


Overwatch Ban: 
In case your account gets Overwatch banned, a red bar will show up saying the following: "Global Cooldown; Convicted by Overwatch - Majorly Disruptive"

What does this mean? It means you were reported too many times by other players in Comp play and after reviewing your replays, you were deemed to be hacking on your account. This is often known as 'Obvious' where you do not try to hide the fact you are hacking. This can be avoided through a variety of methods to make it look less like you are hacking. Don't 'trace' people (aim at them through walls), follow people (keep them on your screen through walls while moving, most often done by noob players and easily noticeable by the player placing their crosshair in strange positions while moving to follow people through walls), use slow aims, use trigger delays, don't ever 1v5 clutch, never shoot through smoke or walls (even when legit), etc...


Here is a summary of all the information found above:

VAC Ban - It scanned your computer's memory and found a [Detected] hack running on your computer. The hack you used is indeed [Detected].
Permanently Untrusted Ban - Scanned actions from aim hack/triggerbot/recoil. The hack you used is NOT [Detected].
Overwatch Ban - Anti-Cheating Valve Investigators watched you playing and deemed you to be hacking on your account. The hack you used is NOT [Detected].


This post is 100% stolen, the original post was made by Fang420x.

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