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CSGO Full Review


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Okay guys,

so this is going to be my full honest review about the Blacksector CSGO Full Version.
* Please note: This is an early version of the cheat, there are certainly a lot of things to come and to be fixed.


Is actually very easy to configure in my opinion.
Really like that Weapon selection there on the side.

What I would like to see tho, is a standalone RCS - since the current one is only active when you are actually shooting someone. *

There are a lot of options and its basically self explanatory.
Please note, that I did not seem to get the PSilent to work. Either it shouldn't be there since its "patched" for high-fov aimbots or it just doesn't work right. (I tried low fov and high fov)


The ESP also has everything it needs and works very good. 
Only thing is (I dont know if thats fixable tho):

You can see that blue boxes stand for visible and red for invisible. But the model on the left is clearly visible because of his backpack.
I dont know if this is engine related or can be fixed.

For the future I would love to see some chams and some neat extras like flash removal or smoke removal (in percentage? would love that even more!) ;-) *


Really, the Triggerbot also works just fine.
Set it up, and you are good to go.

Also here: If you use Tab as Key and you alt+tab out and tab back in again, the button is "stuck" until you press Alt again. Maybe this can be fixed?


Works good, loads fast.
Maybe let us only load the skins that exist for the specific weapon. But again: personal preference.

Conclusion: since we are not in school, I want to say that this is definitely a solid cheat, and I will buy this again the following months and I am very certain that this cheat will be more and more improved. So if you are looking for a good cheat for some legit cheating - You are at the right place.

Peace out,

P.S Feel free to contact me if you need any help or something.

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