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ring-1 garbage , pubg garbage


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after waiting 3/4 of a year for BSS to return, i lost patience and bought a month of ring-1 from cain.pro (website) for 75$

i am just shocked at how retarded of an experience is that hack compared to BSS, and on top of that PUBG does not allow you to choose the map you want to play anymore. want to play the big desert map? - well fuck you from pubg.

you can't hotkey anything so you have to open the menu each time to close one of the full CATEGORIES, and you can't edit the category, so if you want something specific, too bad, you get to see everything, and forget about immersion when you have to open the menu to turn something off all the time. ESP items doesn't even work today 

the menu doesn't remember who you are either, so every time you get to start over and adjust all the bullshit

there's no viewer count, and the radar is totally radar broken- doesn't scale correctly. also there's no option to lock on to teammates so friendly fire stunts aren't trustworthy

if you want your memories of PUBG (with bss) ruined, this is the way. i couldn't help but think to myself - this game is garbage, and i shouldn't have bought a month of ringtarded-1 trash

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