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play styles: csgo fast, pubg slow


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  •  i just got a message from my non-cheater pubg friend saying pubg games with me were the best gaming experience he's ever had. my play style focuses on non lethal damage, long lasting torment, and making sure my teammates get the knocks and kills.
  • so i mastermind them into situations and they don't even know i cheat. this is the way to get the most out of pubg, and it is the opposite of csgo. the longer you can extend the team fights in pubg, the better. opposite is true in csgo
    i will share one 4-man fight tactic "to get the party started". knock one from the enemy team, the isolated one, and allow his teammates to revive him. at that point your teammates will have had enough time to surround the building
    its not fully safe because there are times when you must get the knock so holding down aimbot. but in general, it is simply more fun to enable teammates to do the murder on my behalf
    it also helps to keep the natural tension and immersion of the game, to feel the uncertainty and then triumph from the teammates in voice chat
    also, i often recruited downed enemies for future games, if they said nice or funny things, and they had every reason to be in a good mood despite being sent back to lobby, because the fight was long
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