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I need some help, hwid ban


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120 days ago I got banned from rust for scripting...

I want to play again and I also happen to be building a new pc.


My new pc has all new parts except for the graphics card  power supply and hard drive from my old pc, but im also buying a new ssd.

so when I build my new pc, can I create a new steam account and install rust on my new ssd without them detecting me? 


And if I am not detected and Im free to play, can I still use my old banned account to play other games I have installed on it? 

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You will need to reset your windows from your old hardware and i would still recommend to use a spoofer.

You can try but my guess is that you will be banned because of your gpu id. 

If by any chance you dont get banned yes you can still use your old account but never launch rust from that account.


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I use 3 hard drive and i only reset my hard drive that got windows on it but doing a full wiping would be better i guess.

the best idea would be to get a ring-3 spoofer (permanent spoof until you reset windows) 

If you get banned again all the new components will get banned like before.

As i said its more likely that your gpu will lead you to a hwid ban

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