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Rust recoil script give away


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I know that there aren't many scripts out there for rust that work atm. So I decided I would give one away that I made a couple days ago.

I did make it a .exe to hopefully prevent some people trying to get the source, but it will most likely happen.

If anybody does happen to get the source, please message me on how I can improve it.

Before I give it away I want to know if I am even allowed to. So, @UnstucK and @how02 am I allowed to giveaway this script?

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A lot of the ones out there don't work anymore, thats why I am giving it away.

SendMode Input
LCtrl & ~LButton::
    If GetKeyState("LButton", "LCtrl") {
        Sleep, 6
        moveAmount := (moveAmount = 2) ? 1 : 0


There is the source. 0.6 is the recommended sens.

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I'll give it a try! Thanks.

Although muzzle break seems to work so well I havent been using AHK for a while


EDIT - tried it with a bare AK on a private server, it works v well. You just need to control horizontal spread.

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Tried it now!
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