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I have a suggestion


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How02 I think you have the level because you're so good you could create a cheat for this royal battle Apex Legends you did so much good work that you could get there but if you want the least possible detection did not add the aimbot otherwise its the most detected cheat you can put everything but not aimbot voila I do not know if people on this forum agree just like
me but i know you have the highest level to do it already every time you helped the world for their problem you're always there to help them and i admire your work it is super well done and people will say it too you're the best of all the developers and I wish you could go even further in the cheat and one day the HWID Spoofer will be better without falling FPS because you believe in yourself and your work and we too believe in you so that's what you hope you take my suggestion.


Sincerely, Mezispho And see you later in post!

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He is having trouble with EAC currently and is spending countless hours researching and reverse engineering EAC. Apex uses EAC as a primary AC so he needs to overcome this first.

But otherwise I agree, I feel like a lot of people would like Apex software as I've seen people using the HWID spoofer for it. I just don't want him to forget about the CSGO software, even if it is boring for him :D. I admire him too, he's just amazing at what he does and he chose his career right, thats for sure B|

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