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Pubg [Full Review]


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Hey all, This is my review on the Pubg Full cheat which I purchased 7 days of.


Aimbot: 9/10: Out of all the hacks I have used Black sectors aimbot is by far the best, the aim prediction is great and it has alot of customization options such as (smoothness, changing how snappy the aim is) its really damn good.


Esp: 10/10: They have done a great job on the esp and it works perfectly. Not only this but you can customize the colors of the boxes etc, you can also blacklist/whitelist stuff which I think is what makes this ESP one of the best out their.


Extra: 10/10: I love the spectator option, its very good for knowing if someone is spectating you, not only this but I really like how easy the GUI is and how you can easily save configs/load configs.




I think that this is the most premium cheat I have used, Its very easy to navigate and I believe that this is one of the best coded cheats around. Yeah it may be a little pricey but most pubg hacks are, *you pay for quality.


I deff recommend purchasing from BlackSector, Its really well coded and the Pubg hack is still undetected and The dev does constant updates to make sure it stays off the radar ;)


10/10 Cheat

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